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Our environmental work

Children's biggest fear for the future is environmental degradation - we cannot accept that!

Reducing the environmental impact is one of our most important tasks.

Our business must therefore create the least possible environmental impact in the entire value chain. This is by throwing away less waste, getting rid of less energy, reducing water consumption and minimizing the use of chemicals.

We share a tradition and a culture of doing more than what is expected of us - for the guests, our staff, society and the environment.

Every year we set new goals for our environmental work in the following areas: water, energy, waste, transport and chemicals.

At each hotel, we have an environmental coordinator who continuously monitors the work. Centrally we have three people who constantly ensure level and competence. All hotels are continuously audited at least every three years.

All Nordic Choice hotels are currently certified according to the environmental standard ISO 14001. The focus is on energy, water, waste, chemicals and transport. Every day, year round at all hotels.

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