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Currently at Bodensia

Rock concerts, cultural events or flea markets? Or how about a football game at Boden Arena? In Boden you will always find something appealing, regardless of whether you are young or old, a partygoer or culture-minded. There is a varied range of shows, performances and other enjoyable events going on here.

What's happening at Bodensia?

Ensam julgran söker klappar

Dec 26

Minnah & Micke

Dec 23


(Svenska) Juliga priser på hotellet

(Svenska) De ofelfria

(Svenska) Julinspirerad lunch

Dec 21

(Svenska) Julöppet

(Svenska) Vårt miljöarbete

Dec 25


(Svenska) Quiz, snack & dine

(Svenska) Bastuakademien

Dec 21

(Svenska) Soffgruppen – julspelning